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February 27th
7 - 9 AM  @ Four Points Sheraton 

Nancy Juetten

Author of Lfe Goes On Roadmap™

5 Personal Finance Blind Spots that Cause Families Worry in the Clutch Moments and How to Make a Swift U-Turn for the Better, Starting Today.

Nancy Juetten guides families to share power, access and control over their personal financial information before life serves up a bump in the road.  Nancy is the author of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook and the Get Known Get Paid Workbook and a contributing author to The World’s Greatest Speakers: Insider Secrets on How to Engage and Move Your Audience to Action.

In 2018, Nancy shifted her focus from guiding experts to prepare to take big stages to guiding families to get ahead of challenges in life before they become hardships after three women in her life were faced with disease, diagnosis, and divorce in the same week. That was the wake-up call she needed to co-create the Life Goes on Roadmap™ toolkit for personal financial information organization with her husband Steve. 

During this eye-opening talk, you'll:

•Get a powerful wake-up call to get ahead of the Big D's -- disease, disability, diminished mental capacity, disability, dis-empowerment or death -- before life happens to you;
•Learn some savvy tips to get a handle on the paperwork that may be stopping you from feeling in control; and
•Get inspired to cure yourself from "head in the sand-i-tis" right away so you can clearly even better possibilities for epic and awesome adventures still ahead.
•Plus, you'll receive a worksheet to make it easy to capture the most urgent take-away points so you are inspired to take action as soon as possible.
•And you'll be invited to take a bold step forward to make sure you are ahead of this so you never leave a big fat mess for your family to clean up later.

​Introducing... Featured Members

Ava Sakowski
Ava Sakowski Marketing & Music

Ava's goal is to help clients by managing their online presence and giving the individual attention their marketing, or social media programs need to be successful. She does a variety of marketing activities including everything internet. 

Kelli Gizzi
Kelli Gizzi Communications

Kelli's philosophy is to bring together creative and technical experts to build a customer-centric marketing strategy, demand generation campaigns and tailored communications that activate and engage any customer audience along their purchase journey. 

Carmen Marttila
Junior Achievement of Washington

Carmen's mission with JA is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through volunteer-delivered Kindergarten-12th grade programs that foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy skills. 

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