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She Leads Me is a company devoted to supporting women on their individual journey's in their lives, careers and businesses.

January 28th 2021 

Heather Simpson 
She Leads Me, Founder and Director

Title of Presentation: Choosing to Win in 2021 Goal Setting during a Pandemic

Message from Heather:

Hello Ladies!

Thank you for spending your morning with me as we dove into making 2021 a Winning Year! I am inspired by your network and loved connecting with you and your vision of what's to come.  I'd love to stay connected with you on Social!  You can find us on IG or connect with our community at 

I hope to see you soon!

Heather Simpson

Vessel Strategy & Consulting is a two-pronged business, one side consulting and one side coaching. The coaching and consulting inform each other.

Febuary 25th 2021 

Annie Von Essen                 Vessel Strategy & Consulting Founder & Consultant

Presentation Title: Start Small: Building community change with groups and teams

Annie works with teams & leaders to create the communication methods, strategy & culture they need to build inclusive, equitable community change. Her presentation is Start Small: Building community change with groups and teams. 
Participants learned:
  • Why creativity and inclusion are needed for community change. 
  • Ways to start small so you do not get overwhelmed by the systemic changes our country needs
  • How to increase joy, fun, inclusion and creativity in the groups you belong to

Mari Wuellner Coaching
Apple Podcasts: Living on Purpose

November 19th 

Mari Wuellner
Living on Purpose Lifestyle Coaching

A Season for Healing: Intentionally Connecting in a Safe & Compassionate Space

We learned how to avoid burnout and breakdown during the upcoming holiday season, while navigating a contentious political climate and pressing social issues all during a during a pandemic.

Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center

October 29th

Masa Delara
Educator, Facilitator, and Consultant

An Introduction to Equity, Cultural Humility, and Inclusion

We learned how to better understand each other by exploring equity, cultural humility, and inclusion and how we can authentically create them in our workplace, social organizations, and communities. 

July 30th

Christy Johnson
CEO of Artemis Connection

Virtual Professionalism: Navigating your Businesses' Digital Landscape

An insightful presentation and conversation on the topic of  being a digital professional.
Topics Include:
- Best practices in virtual meetings
- Networking in a virtual landscape
- Working with clients and staff in a digital environment

August 27th

The August Speaker Panel Series
Future Women: Inspiring the Next Generation in Leadership

Monica James
Bank of America

Dr. Karen Stout
WWU Leadership Institute

Terri Maupin
CFO of Chihuly

An engaging dialogue with special guests who have grown into leadership roles. The conversation highlighted their individual journeys, as well as some best practices and thoughts on how we can inspire and support more women in leadership roles through mentorship and sponsorship.

April 30th 2020

Weaving Ourselves Together. Grounding practices for unsettling times

Sara Lawson

Learn how to navigate this unprecedented time with insight from our guest speaker Sara Lawson, an experienced facilitator with strong skills in creating engaging learning experiences and fostering meaningful conversations. Stay up to date with Sara via her newsletter She is also facilitating a Gauge Leadership Lab in Bellingham starting October 9th, 2020.  You can also contact her at  Shorthand Consulting.   

May 28th

Meg Riley
From Anvil Media

Digital Marketing Best Practices

Understanding the latest digital marketing trends. How to utilize them without consuming too much time. How to best represent yourself and your brand. How to stand out and be heard over all the digital noise
Meg's presentation will discuss why businesses should consider digital marketing and how to market digitally. 

February 2020

Nancy Juetten

5 Personal Finance Blind Spots that Cause Families Worry in the Clutch Moments and How to Make a Swift U-Turn for the Better, Starting Today. She will share ways to take big steps to guiding families to get ahead of challenges in life before they become hardships after three women in her life were faced with disease, diagnosis, and divorce in the same week.

April 16th 2020

Fireside Chat: Economic Impact with Representative Sharon Shewmake, PhD

Forty-Second District State Rep. Sharon Shewmake joined us for a virtual Fireside Chat focusing on Bellingham's Economic Outlook and Small Business Discussion. She covered the local view of our economy in Whatcom County and provide some thoughts on what we can do as a community to support our local businesses.

November 2019

Lynne Graham
Understanding the Barriers Women Veterans’ Face in the Civilian World

•   Understanding the impact of military culture and experience on the outcomes of Women Veterans’ lives

How members of WPN can help improve transitional stress and overall success of Women Veterans in our community.

January 2020

Carla Anderson Skogland

How to Supercharge Your Career

Carla will be presenting about things she did right and wrong throughout her career, observations of what is important and not important to focus on, and things she wished she was taught in college, but wasn't. 

August 2019 

Micki O'Brien
Presentation Title - What if that is a Superpower?
•    Leadership tools of framing that create space for teamwork, collaboration and learning
•    How to recognize and reframe perceived weaknesses to strengths (superpowers)

September 2019

Jan Higman
Presentation Title: The Balancing Act: Caring for Your Family and a Parent with Dementia at the Same Time.

Jan is the Marketing Director at The Bellingham at Orchard Memory Care Residence and can be reached at

June - 2019 Annual Speaker Panel Series

Christy Johnson
Artemis Connection

Anne-Marie Faiola
Bramble Berry

Heather Simpson
She Leads Me

Andi Vann
Pure Bliss Desserts

May 2019

Erin Loman-Jeck
Mastering Your Compelling Communication Style
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April 2019

Marie Ruzicka
Wealth Looks Good on You – Discovering Your Journey to Wealth in All Ways
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March 2019 

Janelle Bruland
The Success Lie: 5 Simple Truths to Overcome Overwhelm and Achieve Peace of Mind
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February 2019

Heather McAbee
Transforming Primary Patterns
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January 2019

MaryAnn McNulty
Must Have Tips that Lead to Breakthrough Sales
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