Upcoming Meeting Topics 

Cancelled due to the Coronavirus emergency

March 2020

Demystifying Digital Marketing
Understanding SEO, PPC, SEM & other acronyms

Welcome the women of local digital marketing agency Intellitonic:

Lauren Howland
Marin Johnson
Courtney Rambo

From their presentation you will be walking away with the following information to create your own Digital Marketing toolkit:

  • Understand the main components of digital marketing and how they fit together
  • Let's talk about your website
  • How and where to find "Free" Advertising
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Give Google as many clues about your business as possible
  • Action items you can take back to the office to get your strategy in order

           Hint: diversity is key! 

​Past Meeting Topics

February 2020 

Nancy Juetten

5 Personal Finance Blind Spots that Cause Families Worry in the Clutch Moments and How to Make a Swift U-Turn for the Better, Starting Today. During this eye-opening talk, you'll:

     •Get a powerful wake-up call to get ahead of the Big D's -- disease, disability, diminished mental             capacity, disability, dis-empowerment or death -- before life happens to you.
     •Learn some savvy tips to get a handle on the paperwork that may be stopping you from feeling in         control.
     •Get inspired to cure yourself from "head in the sand-i-tis" right away so you can clearly even                   better possibilities for epic and awesome adventures still ahead.
     •Plus, you'll receive a worksheet to make it easy to capture the most urgent take-away points so               you are inspired to take action as soon as possible.
     •And you'll be invited to take a bold step forward to make sure you are ahead of this so you never           leave a big fat mess for your family to clean up later.

​November 2019

​Lynne Graham
​Understanding the Barriers Women Veterans’ Face in the Civilian World

•   ​Understanding the impact of military culture and experience on the outcomes of Women Veterans’ lives

How members of WPN can help improve transitional stress and overall success of Women Veterans in our community.

January 2020

Carla Anderson Skogland

How to Supercharge Your Career

Carla will be presenting about things she did right and wrong throughout her career, observations of what is important and not important to focus on, and things she wished she was taught in college, but wasn't. 

August 2019 

Micki O'Brien
Presentation Title - What if that is a Superpower?
•    Leadership tools of framing that create space for teamwork, collaboration and learning
•    How to recognize and reframe perceived weaknesses to strengths (superpowers)

September 2019

Jan Higman
Presentation Title: The Balancing Act: Caring for Your Family and a Parent with Dementia at the Same Time.

Jan is the Marketing Director at The Bellingham at Orchard Memory Care Residence and can be reached at janhigman@gmail.com

June - 2019 Annual Speaker Panel Series

Christy Johnson
Artemis Connection

​Anne-Marie Faiola
​Bramble Berry

​Heather Simpson
​​She Leads Me

​Andi Vann
​​​Pure Bliss Desserts

​May 2019

Erin Loman-Jeck
Mastering Your Compelling Communication Style
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April 2019

Marie Ruzicka
Wealth Looks Good on You – Discovering Your Journey to Wealth in All Ways
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March 2019 

Janelle Bruland
The Success Lie: 5 Simple Truths to Overcome Overwhelm and Achieve Peace of Mind
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February 2019

Heather McAbee
Transforming Primary Patterns
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​January 2019

​MaryAnn McNulty
Must Have Tips that Lead to Breakthrough Sales
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