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WPN August 30th Breakfast Speaker and 10am Optional Workshop

Speaker: Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell
August 30th - 7am - 9am
Four Points By Sheraton
Founder and Principal Consultant of Co3 Consulting and a doctoral candidate at the California Institute of Integral Studies studying Transformative Studies and Consciousness.  She identifies as a Pacific indigenous scholar, a Wayfinder, a student, a transformative leader, and a designer of change. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Gerry understands the power of being an indigenous leader living in a Westernized world. As a cultural practitioner, Gerry has learned how to walk in both worlds.

(Breakfast Topic) Navigating Triggers through the Power of ALOHA
As women, we face a unique set of personal and professional demands in our everyday life. The ability to manage the stressors of the workplace with those from your personal life can be overwhelming, especially when others seek us out for help with their crises. Our emotions can also get in the way when we're striving for perfection while juggling projects, priorities, and deadlines. Co3 Consulting has designed the theoretical method of ALOHA to give us the tools to prepare for moments that could push us off the edge and learn to shift to a new perspective and transition the situation from one of deficit to one of empowerment.

(Workshop Topic) The Power of WE: Co-Creating Cohesive Communities

10am 2-hour long Workshop at Springhill Suites by Marriott, Bellingham
‘We’ may be the most powerful word in the English language because there is a ‘we’ behind every important endeavor, behind every major milestone, behind every hard-won achievement. We accomplish more together than we can alone. Together, we can change the story of what it means to be a WE. The workshop is $20 for WPN Members and $25 for WPN Guests.

Workshop topics include:
  • Explore trust through different thinking and behavioral patterns to understand how it’s built, cultivated and maintained.  
  • The Responsibility of "I” that shifts paradigms and change current patterns of how ‘we’ respond to each other.
  • Respecting Our Differences through Sharing our Stories
  • Creating an environment of Belonging by nurturing our ‘connectedness.’

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