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Member Details for Kuvera Global - OccupyWealth

Name Sharon Yonally
Title Financial Fitness Advocate and Coach
Company Name Kuvera Global - OccupyWealth
Address Po Box 31038
Bellingham, WA 
Office Phone 360.739.5007
Cell Phone 360.739.5007
Web Address www.sharonyonally.com
Business Description “Wealth Life Balance”

We are a company that offers Freedom, Stability and Value to every person who utilizes our services and expertise.

We offer guidance and comfort rather than fear, doubt or uncertainty. We don’t just provide someone with the expertise and tools to gain more financial control in their lives, we offer them the ability to create more meaningful life experiences.

Our Vision- To disrupt the status quo and change the current state of debt accumulation by offering people the most current means and methods required to take control of their financial future to live more fulfilling lives, free from the instability and limitations of financial burden.

Our Mission- Our mission is to offer affordable access to valuable financial education, current market research and cutting-edge technology that enables individuals to increase and cultivate their own financial resources, enjoy life and plan for their future.

Our 3 Brand Pillars:

Freedom Freedom is most commonly interpreted as the difference between ability and limitation. Financial freedom demonstrates the emotional weight that is lifted when someone feels they are no longer constrained by the limitations of nuance. Freedom isn’t just a solution to an external problem, it is an answer to our internal conflicts, as well. It is what we provide our customers to help them thrive.

Stability Stability is the state when our system (financial, physical, mental, emotional, etc.) is resilient to shocks and able to smoothly fulfill all basic functions without catastrophic disruption. Stability counteracts uncertainty and doubt. We don’t just o er customers the means to manage their financial situation, we increase their ability to cultivate whatever financial resources they have, thereby giving them a platform and plan for a future dictated by desire, not necessity.

Value Value has a two-pronged effect in our lives. It satisfies our need to survive on an economic level as we seek products and methods that provide a return on our investment (both time and monetary). Value also fulfills an intrinsic need for personal meaning, belonging and self-worth.
As we provide our customers with reliable, cutting-edge financial education and tools, we are not only helping them establish value on a physical, financial level, but also helping them gain greater emotional value through personal achievement.

Kuvera Brand Promise- We promise to provide a completely transparent and unique experience specifically designed to enhance your financial future and improve your overall well-being. Our goal is to invest in the education, research and technology essential to helping the financially motivated secure lasting and balanced success for today and the future.
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